Our focus at Wiltshire Graphic Design is centered around how to make you look good we are effectively doing a P.R job for your company.


Services can range from doing a simple print job for you to designing an exhibition to show what your campany is all about.

UK Graphic Designers 

Wiltshire Graphic Design will create advertisements and an advertising strategy for you including advertising slogans that will guarantee you value for money.

Staff are friendly and easy to talk to. We can talk over the phone or meet up to dicuss your plans.

We print innovative business cards and don't use set business card templates for our designs. This makes our designs creative and unique. We think they are the best business cards around.

Business cards are an important selling point for the representation of your business and with so much competition around it is important you stand out and are remembered by any potentical clients.


With our logo services we make all sorts of cool logos. Corporate logos, food logos, music logos, fitness logos and more. Any logo we make is a good logo. We are even a band logo generator for music artists. If you want to be amusing we could design you a funny logo.

A company's logo is an extremely important attribute to your business. You want to have a quality design in order for your business to stand out, explain what it is you do and look up to date.


Our brochures are great. From corporate brochures down to wedding brochures, we do a great brochure product. An advertising brochure is a great way forward to get the word out about your business. The flyers we print can range from pizza flyers to party flyers and club flyers. UK leaflets, means all our leaflets have been designed in the UK.

Brochures, leaflets and flyers can be your chance to explain what your business does beyond its name and its headline offers.



How to construct a flyer.


1. The first thing you should think about when creating a flyer for your business is 'Who are you?'. You want the customer to feel that you know what you are talking about. Don't ask too many questions about what the customer requires. As the person offering the service, you should already know and be convinced of what they want as a client. If you ask too many questions it will become clear to the customer that you are out of touch.

2. Don't blind potential customers with text. Whilst it's good to let them know, you know what you are talking about, people don't like to be force fed large bodies of text. Especially when it has been pushed through their letter box. You want to say what you are offering customers in as few words as possible. Remember people don't like to be preached at.

3. Tell the customers what is important, and what sets you apart from your competition. What is your unique selling point? You need to think about this carefully as it could make or break you.

4. Who are you aiming your leaflet at? Is it a product aimed at the masses or the lucky few? Is your advertising aimed at home owners or businesses? Design appropriately. Don't try and please everyone or your advert with become vague and unspecific.

5. Offers. Offers are amazingly powerful as a marketing tool. People will often buy things because they believe they are getting a special rate when they wouldn't normally buy the product in the first place. Two for one and half price are classic examples.

6. Reward returning customers. Clients love it. It builds up customer loyalty along with giving you good reviews through word of mouth.

7. Look at your competition's flyers, learn from them and try to improve on them if possible.

8. If you want to look professional, however much it pains you to do it, find a professional graphic designer to give your leaflet that magic touch. Graphic designers are trained to deliver the best results and can see things you haven't been trained to see. They know all the tricks of the trade.


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